Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hand Embroidery: Lost in Cross Stitches & Sampler No 4

Ooh, I think I have a very soft spot for hand embroidery, and it is developing into a crush...

The fourth sampler with cross stitches made me want a lot more, judge yourself

Cross Stitches: 1. Traditional cross stitch; 2. St. George cross stitch; 3. Star stitch; 4. Herringbone stitch; 5. Herringbone stitch variations; 6. Leaf stitch
Cross stitches are so much fun, I got carried away. I enjoy Jessica's teaching style and hope she will have more courses on Craftsy besides this one. Her tips are great.

Look at the star stitch, for example, (blue and slate grey rows). The first star in the slate grey row is the usual way of making the stitch, but Jessica shows how to make it differently (all the remaining stars), and, honestly, I like her way better. You can say it, right? You start by making a simple cross stitch. And then, usually they'd tell you in books to go over the cross that you just made. But Jessica goes under it, it makes the stitch flatter.

The next, herringbone stitch, is the one that we use so much in couture sewing for seam allowances, but we call it simply a cross stitch. It's a simple but effective stitch that covers large area with just a little thread.

My favorite - the leaf stitch. Those red leaves are so graphic, I love them!

So, one more sampler is to be done and then it's over with the class. I am looking forward to more, and I already found a nice guide for beginner bead embroidery. It is basically a few samplers for each stitch family, but made in beads. Techniques are very similar - I have already read the entire book while waiting for my parent-teacher conferences appointments. I am lost in an embroidery daydream, readers, join me!

Are you actually interested in embroidery posts? If yes, I'll continue sharing embroidery posts here once a week or so...

More posts and samplers from the class:

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  1. I am enjoying seeing your work. I am reacquainting myself with embroidery as well. I have fell in love with Alabama Chanin and I worked on a bolero using the Herringbone as my "stretch stitch". I look forward to working on the stitches to get the look I want in those garments as well as some coin purses that I have been making.

  2. Beautiful! Please keep on posting your stitches, they please my eyes... also I´m always about to start stitching but mostly other projects cross my mind before. If you continue I´m sure I´ll start soon... :-)
    This time I like the leaves most.

  3. Beautiful. I love them, both the stitches and your posts. I keep toying with taking the class, but it will wait. I've got a lot going on right now but it's definitely fun to see your efforts.

  4. Beautiful, I think I will take this class. I have a 1930s vintage kimono that I want to complete sewing but first need to embroidery the back and sides. This is just want I need to motivate me back into doing that project. Yes! I would like to see more posts.

  5. The embroidery posts are beautiful; please keep doing them! I have embroidered before but too many hobbies and too little time!

  6. I did some cross stitching as a wee lass. I am still a little bit drawn to embroidery and various other hand techniques (scalloped hems, lace insertions, etc). I follow a blog "the old fashioned baby," that's all about hand stitching. I wouldn't apply it to baby clothes though. I see LINGERIE! So this is all relevant to my greater sewing insterests.

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