Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hand Embroidery: An Ode to Bouillon Stitch

Shall we take a break from nuclear pattern-making, readers? My husband says you will abandon me after those highly dry and technical posts. But you won't, will you? I mean the worse is still to come :)

Anyway, it's a great time to get an embroidery love break. I finished my third sampler, from the Lesson 4 of the Craftsy Hand Embroidery class. I absolutely love it...

Knotted stitches: 1. French knot; 2. Pistol stitch; 3. Bouillon stitch; 4. Coral stitch; 5. Double knot 

Take a bouillon stitch for example, it is so tricky, but so intricate. Luckily Jessica, the class instructor, gave me a few tips how to handle it. You see the results yourself. The light blue element is stitched with 3-ply thread and was easier to handle, the red and dark grey - with 6-ply thread and were much trickier with a normal embroidery needly. I need to get a millinery needly for this stitch, Jessica told me. It is my favorite knotted stitch now.

Bouillon stitch (Lesson 4)

More posts and samplers from the class:

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  1. I've loved the bullion stitch ever since I saw it on Ralph Rucci's garments at the FIT exhibit. I've not managed to master it yet, but when done well (like yours) it's beautiful!!

  2. I think your husband is mistaken about your blog readership. You started the sew-along over a year ago, had to discontinue it because of other things, and now that you've resumed I'm very interested in the skirt sloper posts.

    I like hand embroidery as well, but the idea of the preceding posts being too boringly technical does not apply to me. I'm tempted to say it's borderline sexist, but I don't know your husband.

    1. Oh no, he was only joking because we are discussing pattern-making at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner ... I am a nerd and I like to support my ideas with solid mathematic argument :)

  3. I am impressed with your embroidery skill. I would think that your knowledge and patience with couture hand sewing is a big leg up to beautiful embroidery. Do you have any plans for how you'll use the stitches?

  4. These are so gorgeous! I love the colors you used, too!

  5. Am I a nerd? I guess I am because I like your technical posts. The embroidery is beautiful!



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