Monday, February 3, 2014

Jacquard love

Readers, I a-d-o-r-e this jacket from the February issue of Burdastyle magazine. Ok, not a unique style, but. What really appeals to me is the classic slimming silhouette combined with the texture of a beautiful jacquard piece. I am so-o much in love with it that I even decided to sign up for a classic tailoring class (on Craftsy, of course) which I will follow for 9 weeks and sew-along. The class has 10 lessons and covers classic tailoring techniques, with a lot of hand-stitching, just what I love. Dividing the process into nine weeks, lesson by lesson (the first one is an introductory lesson), and blogging about it, will, I hope, allow me to stay on track and gain more confidence with tailoring. 

Over the past few years I have become very confident with dressmaking and pattern-drafting. Tailoring, however, is my weak spot. I can, but it takes a lot of time, and I have to look up techniques all the time. I think this class can change it, we will see... 

Some time this year, I hope to take a tailoring class with Thomas von Nordheim, author of my favourite Vintage Couture Tailoring and a couture tailor based in London. If this happens, I want to go there with solid foundation to be able to learn critically and focus on things that are new or different. It is my goal to gain proficiency with tailoring this year. 

Meanwhile, I will start with my Craftsy class next week (once I am done with my Lace Skirt and the hand embroidery class), and, hopefully, finish the jacket by the end of March . I got a beautiful yellow
jacquard, yay, in my stash!!! (bought in New York's Mendel & Goldberg one year ago)

What about you, do you have tailoring projects this spring? Have you taken any tailoring classes? 


  1. Can't wait to see how your tailored jacket turns out as I want to do this class also but still need to complete the couture dress I started a year ago! Maybe you will inspire me!

  2. That jacket really is beautiful!
    I've been obsessed with learning how to tailor, lately. I'm scouring every book and online resource I can find. So far the my favorite book is "Tailoring, the classic guide to sewing the perfect jacket." Very clear instructions and pictures. I plan to make my husband a suit jacket. Am I crazy? I think if I follow the directions closely, pay attention to detail, and pad stitch my fingers off I can do it!
    I'm tempted to sign up for the Craftsy class but I'm not sure I really need it. Maybe you'll change my mind. I look forward to following this blog and see how your jacket comes out!

  3. That is a real pretty jacquard! I'm keen to hear what you think of the Craftsy tailoring class - I really want to make a couple of coats this coming winter and I've started by taking Kenneth D King's Flyfront Coat class.

  4. I love to tailor. It's probably the type of sewing I enjoy the most and always have. I miss not making all the suits I used to make before I retired. Right now I am making a winter coat from an "artsy" pattern that really has no tailoring at all to it. I couldn't handle that so have used tailoring techniques wherever I could. I really enjoy all the hand work and fabric manipulation. I am tempted to take this Crafsy course also and will be following you closely.

  5. Oh, Thomas von Nordheim does tailoring courses!! :) How exciting. I have his book and have been meaning to finally start improving my tailoring....This is inspiring me! Maybe if I study and practise a lot I will sign up to one of his classes too :)

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