Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yay, I finished my hand embroidery class

Readers, you cannot imagine how I feel today! It feels so good to finish this class. A whole new set of skills that I learnt and can now use in my sewing projects. I love embroidery and I will definitely continue learning. If you haven't followed my work-in-progress posts, I was taking a Craftsy Hand Embroidery class, by an excellent instructor Jessica Marquez.

Here is my Fill Stitches sampler, the final sampler you do in this class, as you see I have experimented with the density of stitches, and shapes of the leaves (I like the grey one most). 

Flat Stitches Sampler, Lesson 2

Looped Stitches Sampler, Lesson 3

Knotted Stitches Sampler, Lesson 4

Crossed Stitches Sampler, Lesson 5

Fill Stitches Sampler, Lesson 6

In the last two lessons, Jessica shows how to embroider on knits and how to design your own embroidery patterns. Now I just need to find more embroidery classes and start applying the skills I learnt. Are you taking this class too? 

P.S. I forgot to add that I was using Finca cotton embroidery floss, which I bought in New York's City Quilter. They got a nice selection of embroidery materials as well as some resources. The latter, though, are more expensive than on Amazon. Hope this helps new embroider recruits among my readers :)


  1. Hand embroidery is a wonderful heirloom craft that I know you will use to beautifully embellish your future garments. It's also great fun!

  2. These are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this! I hope you'll be hanging up those samplers - they're beautifully stitched and so cheerful. : )

  4. I used to embroider a lot (years ago) and this reminds me of a sampler I once made. Maybe my mother still has it. Looking forward to what you will do with this craft in your sewing.

  5. I am really impressed by your beautiful stitching. What do you plan on doing with your new skills?

  6. Really impressive. I'm always inspired my embroidery but feel that I may lack the patience to apply myself properly. I love your colour combinations.

  7. Sooo pretty Marina! I love embroidery - maybe I will take it up once again!

  8. Wow, these are lovely! You should frame them and hang them up in your home!

  9. Some beautiful stitching there :)

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