Thursday, May 22, 2014

CoutureGRAM: Balmain Strapless Mermaid Gown

After another blogging break, another CoutureGRAM post is an appropriate treat for you, readers. I hope :)

This one was found on Liveauctioneers again, and this time our study object is a Balmain Couture Strapless Sequinned Mermaid Gown. 

"BALMAIN COUTURE STRAPLESS SEQUINNED MERMAID GOWN 1950's. Black sheath with sweetheart bodice having boned and wired cotton corset, cotton net gown covered in black sequins with flared hem, silk lining, back zipper. Label "Pierre Balmain Paris" with tape inked 59749." (

The next shot gives a clear idea of couture corselet construction at Balmain: bust cup shaping using wire, underbust stay (blogged about it here), boning, waist stay, neckline finishing, hand stitches...

Here, we get a better view of the neckline finish, as well as seam finishes.

Let's discuss... 


  1. Holy cow! That is gorgeous!!!!!

  2. What is the purpose of the loops attached horizontally to the waist stay?

  3. What a beautiful piece. It looks like the seam edges are hand overcast, but they aren't tacked down (catch-stitched?), I wonder why? I would think that catch-stitching them to the body would reduce the bulk?

  4. Thanks for posting this. Wonderful views of inside construction. The bust cups and two center front seams look like they are joined by a hand catch stitch and float. I presume this is to give freedom of movement. I think the loops on the waist stay are to hold the under bust ties down below the dress back when worn.

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