Monday, July 7, 2014

Me-Made-Monday: A Godet Skirt

Although it has been virtually impossible to blog lately I do have quite a few things to share with you in the coming weeks. Today I wanted to post my new  few-month-old godet skirt, which I have never blogged about. I've been wearing it quite often, and last week I put it on for an semi-formal ceremony which was held outdoors in a scorching 41ºC (106ºF). The skirt, made of wool crepe, was surprisingly comfortable despite the heat. I've read about this quality of wool before, but was still worried it would be too warm.

 It helps that it's lined with silk crepe-de-chine  and underlined with silk organza. And because of the underlining, after all these weeks, I didn't have to iron it once.

The skirt has a slightly asymmetric hem, longer where the flare is. And I added most flare on the right front only. The back as you see below is straight.

Ahem, I noticed the underwear issue here... A simple mirror would never reveal anything like that

Finally, the skirt in movement.

I want to finish this post by saying thanks to Zoe, an inspiration for the new Me-Made-Monday series, as well as to the German Me-Made-Mittwoch (Mittwoch is Wednesday in German) organizers. Posting daily for Me-Made-May never worked for my busy schedule, but doing it once a week is something I can try to keep up with, especially now that the life is getting back to normal again. If you want to join, wear a you-made garment this week, take a picture and post a blog post, which you can link to in my next Me-Made-Monday write-up. It would be great if we could do it as a group!


  1. oh lovely! So elegant! Any chance of posting which pattern you used?

  2. Thank you, Bettina! Yes, I forgot to mention that I drafted this pattern myself. It is based on my straight skirt sloper.

  3. The skirt is lovely, as always it fits you very well.

    I love the idea of a me-made-Monday, I think it's great, and much easier than a while me-made-month. Count me in!

  4. It's hard to be elegant in such heat but you manage beautifully. It's a lovely skirt.

  5. I don't see an underwear issue.

  6. Beautiful skirt and the fabric combination is divine!

  7. Your skirt is beautiful and I also see no underwaer issue.

  8. Hi there Marina,

    Another beautifully made garment. I so enjoy your blog as all your clothes are made to perfection.

    May I ask, I am trying to find the link to Part 2 of the waistband tutorial; seeing this skirt made me remember, as I guess you used the technique on this skirt.....................Can you advise??

    By the way, on a personal note, may I say, long hair suits you so well.



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