Monday, July 14, 2014

Me-Made-Monday: Silk Tweed Dress

Another 'unblogged' and 'unfeatured' piece I made recently and worn last week. This Burdastyle-pattern-based silk-tweed dress (phew) is rather a casual piece and I like it but am not in love with it. Nevertheless, I wear it a lot and (surprisingly for me) get a compliment occasionally. Ok, allow me to start with a shampoo commercial full-body shot. (I use Timotei, in case you were wondering anyway.)

Readers, I am so happy I finally have a beautiful backdrop for my pictures. It is a garden pass that goes around our house in Nicosia, and the plants are green and blooming all year long.

The dress is quite cool (not hot), although being made of tweed may suggest the the opposite. Silk tweed is only somewhat bulky and not hot at all. I used silk charmeuse lining and quilted the entire dress, as in Chanel jackets. It was a necessary step since the tweed was very loosely woven. I won't bore you with more construction details now, which I will share in a separate post.

Posing for images is not my thing, really. I guess I should take lessons from Rachel (Rachel, if you are reading it, you should draft a post on modelling). Here, I almost fell, trying to assume some natural looking body position while trying to stand on one foot. What was I thinking...

Now, a few Me-Made facts, and I decided to use a template here, which you can use and adjust for your Me-Made posts if you want:

When was the garment made?

I made this dress in May this year

What patterns and materials were used?

I used Burdastyle pattern #112 02/2014, but eliminated peplum sleeve after making a muslin. I used a loosely-woven silk tweed from B&J Fabrics in New York and sand color silk charmeuse.

Approximate cost?

Material cost was about $80-$90.

How often is it worn?

When the temperatures are under 100F, I wear it quite often, or at least once a week.

Where do you wear it?

To some casual events, fabric shopping (of course), visits to friends. For me it is not a dress I would wear at home.

How does it work with the rest of the wardrobe?

Since it is just a dress, I only need accessories to compliment the look, and I already had matching shoes and a belt.

Your turn now - add your link!


  1. Nice looking dress! I do love your background for you photo shoot!

  2. Even though it's not a noticeable detail, I love the raglan sleeves!

  3. I love this on you, looks fresh and elegant, and really well-made. And it's a gorgeous fabric!
    I think you should LOVE it too. :)

  4. Ein wunderbares Kleid. Es steht dir sehr gut. Ich mag den Stoff, das Schnittmuster aber auch deine Umsetzung. Kannst du etwas mehr über das Quilten schreiben? Es interessiert mich sehr wie du das gemacht hast.
    Gruß Mema

  5. Love this dress on you...the sleeves and the colour and the hem detail. Gorgeous!

  6. You do not need modeling lessons. You are a natural :) Lovely dress. I also love to wear dresses especially during the summer months. I find them to be so much more comfortable than any other piece of clothing.

  7. I can see why you wear this dress often - it appears to be very versatile, and really attractive on you. Please do explain the quilting in a future post.

  8. You look gorgeous in this dress, Marina! And you do like you're doing a commercial for some sort of hair product! Gorgeous backdrop for you, too! Like others, I prefer dresses in the hot months as they are so much cooler than pants. Can't wait to see your construction details.

  9. marina, you're a knockout. can't wait to see your glorious guts!

  10. A great dress on you, though I'd bet it's a bit shapeless without the belt, which is striking with it. The hair is alos fabulous looking. What's the fabric shopping like there?



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