Monday, August 4, 2014

Me-Made-Monday 5: a new poppy skirt

I love poppies, and when I saw this fabric in New York's B&J I knew it would be a simple straight skirt. Another recent make finished UFO. I cut it several months ago, and gained a few kilograms since then, sigh. Luckily I can still fit in the skirt, even though my waist increased by two cm and now fills out the ease. Oh well,  I love comforting myself with a thought that wearing this skirt I will be more conscious about my food intake...

Now that I am writing this post I realize that the images are blurred. Well this is because being on holiday I am using some unorthodox methods to resize images. To add to a blogger's misery, a full day of wearing is visible on the linen shirt and my hair. But before I wait another month to post better quality images... errh, I love this skirt, and the combination with a linen shirt. 

A few words about the construction. I could not resist and underlined the skirt with silk organza. Honestly, it was not necessary, but I often feel like a couture machine: before I had time to think the underlining is already there. What's done is done - the underlining doesn't do any harm really.

I lined the skirt with navy china silk - it does feel nicer with lining.

As for the pattern, I eliminated the side seam, leaving only side darts. This way I didn't have to worry about pattern matching on the side. There is only one seam, in the back.

Finally, I made a faced waistband, with the inner side lined with china silk as well.

I think this skirt will be worn a lot. With shirts and, later, when the fall comes, with nice navy sweaters. And you know what, I packed mostly me-made clothes for two weeks holiday.  It is a first for me! A matching wardrobe full of nice hand-made clothes. I am so proud of myself :)

What did you wear last week?


  1. I wore almost entirely me-made stuff. I only seem to have enough summer me-mades heh, so in summer I wear most of them.

    I like the skirt - very nice print and very well fitted!

  2. Love your skirt. The fabric is so happy! I do the same thing sometimes -- before I know it, I have underlined almost everything!!
    Most of my clothes are me-made, which makes me happy and proud!

  3. beautiful fabric! looks great on you, the fitting and all.
    nice make!

  4. I too love the fabric. It will transcend the seasons nicely.

  5. Hi Marina,
    I think your skirt is so beautifully fitted, the fabric is so uplifting and fun.............perfect for the summer.
    I seem to be putting a little weight on, and I am praying my high waisted skirt fits as well as your skirt does..............the toile was fine, but oh dear, why have I spread around my waist and hips lately??????Less calories, more exercise and weight gain, how can that be?? LOL.

  6. Beautiful skirt!! Thanks for the tip of leaving out the side seams - I've never thought of that but of course it makes a lot of sense. I giggled when you said the underlining just appears before you can think about it. I'm much the same - necessary or not!

  7. A silk organza underlining makes everything better! Lovely skirt - perfect for wearing on holiday.

  8. If you had not said anything, I never would have known that the skirt was a bit snug. It looks wonderful. Perfect actually!



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