Monday, August 11, 2014

My top five+ Craftsy sewing courses and a 50% sale

Dear readers, these two days are one of the very few opportunities when you can get all Craftsy classes at up to 50% discount, and so I thought I'd share my favourites with you - maybe it'll help you with some options.


(NEW) Couture Dressmaking Techniques, with Alison Smith - these class is great for anyone who wants to learn and practice individual techniques. Besides the repetitive obligatory muslin and underlining you learn quite a few interesting techniques, such as balanced darts, contoured darts, working with princess seams and boning, as well as good habits like securing threads, marking and many more. Some of the techniques are shortcuts: I would not consider rigilene boning as a worthy couture notion. Sorry for the haughty couture talk here but why use rigilene if spiral steel boning is so much more comfortable. To round up, this class is a great foundation for anyone who wants to sew a special occasion garment, or add some power to more casual projects.

(NEW) Couture Finishing Techniques, with Alison Smith - another great class by the same instructor where she shows hand stitches she uses in her couture projects, seam finishes, zipper tips and tricks, buttonholes, hand-rolled hems, horsehair braid hem, interfaced hem and so on.  Again, some of the techniques are more of a high-end RTW, and some things, such as triangle buttonholes seem to be a space filler, but most of the content is great. The best, Ms. Smith also shows a vintage couture Dior dress and the finishing details, oooh....

The Couture Dress, with Susan Khalje - is a classic. Excellent course with great teaching. It is a pity that's the only Susan's class on Craftsy. Her own classes have just launched on her website but cost much more.


All five classes (yes, already five!) here are taught by Suzy Furrer, who was trained by the same patternmaker as Kenneth D. King. It is a true pattern making university! Of course, you'll have to fine tune your initial sloper through muslin making and fitting sessions, but the sloper is not why I recommend this series. What you learn is design in modular sections, creating numerous variations based on your foundation pattern. So, if you wanted to learn patternmaking, this is a great time to purchase Suzy's classes since normally they cost more than many other sewing classes.

(NEW) Patternmaking + Design: Creative Sleeves (w/ Suzy Furrer)

In addition,  Designing Details: Pockets with Kenneth King is a great class to add to your pattern making portfolio.


40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know, with Gail Yellen
This course is great!!! I am planning to post a review, but trust me, if you do what this instructor teaches you, your garments will look meticulous. Her class opens with a chapter on pressing and it is the best pressing introduction I've ever had from any other instructor.  If you are not signed up do it now!

(NEW) The Essential Guide to Sewing with Sheers, with Sara Alm - sheers can be very intimidating and this is a great class to tackle the fear.

Classic Tailoring: The Blazer, with Steffani Lincecum - very solid tailoring class, even though I still prefer Thomas von Nordheim's Vintage Couture Tailoring book. This class is the best on Craftsy in my opinion.

Hand Embellishing Knit Fabric, with Natalie Chanin - doesn't need much talking. It is great!

Vintage Inspired Veils for the Modern Bride  - maybe one day I will finally make a fascinator for myself. Worth trying. Also check Rhonda's blog for more fascinator goodness.

Here,.. what started as a Five Top list turned into an endless promotion post. Sorry for that, readers. But I hope these notes will indeed help you to find a great course to up your couture game :) I am posting less these two weeks since I am on holiday in Austria right now, enjoying reunion with my mom.  Will be back with the Me-Made-Monday and then back with tutorials and tips end of the next week.

Enjoy learning!


  1. I got all excited about buying a class to watch this weekend, but it turns out this is just one of their far too frequent "UP to 50%" sales. Everything I wanted was $49.99 on sale for $39.99... still too pricey for me. Craftsy seems to be getting much stingier with their sales since they started. Oh well. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Thanks for the note, I made an edit to the post. Craftsy is less generous indeed, but still a good value for the quality. For me, the main problem with purchasing is their review system, where I cannot see negative feedback from class participants, only good reviews. I would also prefer having a detailed lesson plan view before purchasing a class... hopefully they'll improve

  3. Your affiliate link on the 40 techniques post seems not to be working

  4. I have all of the pattern making classes except the moulage since I made one with Kenneth King. They are excellent. I just got the sleeve class and am looking forward to taking it. These are all fairly basic so I hope that they will continue these classes with more advanced drafting.
    I will definitely look at the 40 Techniques. If my lifestyle called for dressy clothing I'd be more interested in the Couture Dressmaking techniques.

  5. Do you know what the difference is between the 40 Techniques Every Sewer should know, and the other course - Sew Smarter; 30 Professional Techniques? I am minded to go for your recommendation, but wondered if you had reviewed Katrina Walker's course..

  6. Thanks for the reviews! I have toe 40 Techniques course and it is WONDERFUL! Mmmmmm, I do need to watch that one again.

  7. Marina,

    They changed the review system so that instead of showing only 5 star reviews, now you can see criticism and reviewers who gave less than 5 stars. I never understood the point of the "most recent 5 star review" system they were using and I'm really happy it's gone. I know they got a LOT of criticism about hiding ratings from people who were in the class and they finally listened.

    I bought the Alabama Chanin and two patternmaking classes during this sale. I just added the 40 Techniques class to my cart but I'm not completely sold on the blazer course and I'm waiting for the two new couture classes to go on sale again (hopefully at a better price point).



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