Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Visit to Komolka in Vienna and no Me-Made-Monday this week

I missed the Me-Made-Monday post yesterday due to a minor holiday injury. So here I go with a Terribly-Sorry-Tuesday post. My daughter had a nail injury and we spent the entire afternoon in a hospital in Vienna, where we are spending the second half of our holidays. Luckily it's all over now, except that she won't be able to enjoy the next three weeks at the beach or pool back home in Cyprus.

Well, the worst is over and we will be flying back in a couple of days, and the following days she will be occupied with final arrangements for her 5th birthday. She was born end of July, but I cannot deprive her of a birthday party with her friends, who are usually away during the hot summer months. A piñata will be constructed (a party theme has been changed several times already :) and kid snacks and party activities will be prepared. In one word, we will try to give her a fun memory to hold on to.

Back to the blog, I haven't sewn for two weeks and miss it immensely! On the other hand, last week I finally went to Komolka,  the only my favourite fabric store in Vienna. I bought knits and stretch cottons (no unplanned purchases, readers!), which are hard to come by in Cyprus. The three-floor store is great, although it has no real competition in the city. The ground floor has all the sales and new season fabrics, which are neatly laid and organised on special tables by colour theme, so finding a suitable hue is very easy. This year, I spotted so many flower prints in piques, jacquards, complemented by boucles, of which they got amazing variety, ooh. Here are the prints I bought

Crazy, really, and I have no idea what I am going to make with them, but I just could not pass. I am glad  I am not living in Vienna, as my stash would grow again, mostly with fabrics that I have not a slightest idea what to do with.

The Van Gogh flowers is I believe viscose jersey, stretchy but resistant. If you got ideas, please do share. It is only 1.2m long, and 1,4m wide (60"), and on the top it has a large section with a simple blue background.

The other fabric (on the right) is a stretch cotton (1,8m). It's probably best suited for a figure hugging dress or shirt, but, again, I am speechless. What was I thinking? Oona to the rescue!!!

These first-floor fabrics, on the other hand, are my cup of tea. Unfortunately, the iPhone image doesn't reflect the beauty of these pieces... They got a large room with a bridal section and mostly white and cream laces, and also a large section of coloured laces, all organised on separate tables. I remember struggling with finding coloured quality lace in New York, but here it is all available.

I didn't buy a single cut of lace this time - still got enough at home, and, besides, found a wonderful Armenian vendor in Cyprus who sells end cuts of finest Solstiss lace.

Finally, I visited a pattern section in the store, where I could had to enjoy a cup of vending-machine coffee while browsing through new pattern books of the Big 4 and Burda. I liked quite a few patterns I didn't buy at the end because the price in Europe is very restrictive, since they don't offer discounts and sales on patterns like in the US. A Vogue pattern costs somewhere between 20 and 30 euro. Will rather invest this money in fabric and look for patterns on eBay.

I got to finish here and will be back to blogging on Friday, in a familiar environment and with more convenient tools. Meanwhile, if you got any tips for those stretchy prints, please do share! Did I tell you, by the way, that I got only little no experience sewing knits. The only time I worked with knits is when hemming my daughter PE pants. I got a plan I have no idea where to start, but more about it on in my next post... Thanks!


  1. Those fabrics are totally amazing! I have no ideas about what to do with them, but they are super cool. Knits are really not scary at all. You just have to relax with them (and not choose something with buttonholes, if you don't have to). I usually make stuff that doesn't need a zip either. Cut the fabric in a single layer and use a twin needle for hemming, that's about all there is to it. Schnittquelle have lots of lovely knit patterns (not cheap though). I make lots of style arc ones too. You're an amazing sewer so it's so surprising to hear you avoid knit fabrics.
    If I owned those fabrics, i'd have to get them out and look at them often, just for the pleasure of it.
    (I didn't know you lived in Cyprus, by the way. Always interesting to hear about people's lives in different places!)

    1. thank you for your tips! not that I avoid knits consciously, somehow I just never really had a chance... hmmm probably it is a completely different sewing area, as I am mostly focused on couture dressmaking. Time to get out of my comfort zone! :) Schnittquelle is a good idea - I will check it out!

  2. I live in the UK and always order big 4 patterns direct from the BMV website during the 3 day or 5 day sales etc. Even with the shipping it still works out cheaper than buying big 4 even on sale in the UK.

    1. oh, I thought they don't ship abroad! thanks, I will check out!

    2. They ship!! I bought them from russia once, shipping is not cheap but affordable especially when patterns are on sale%)

  3. YOU WERE IN VIENNA & I DIDNT KNOW ;-( I live about 45min from Vienna...I would have loved to shop Komolka with you. & yes, patterns are very expensive in Europe....like sewmanju already commented, i too purchase directly from the BMV site during sales...the shipping is rough but it still comes in considerably cheaper than what they cost here!

    1. maybe next summer we can shop together? I come to Vienna once or twice a year, to visit my mother, and would love to meet fellow sewists :)

  4. Oh I LOVE the Van Gogh fabric.... so beautiful and the instant I saw it (and before I read you called it that too) it reminded me of Van Gogh. I see it as a simple A line ( not too exaggerated an A) with cut in shoulders and i have no idea of the neckline!... not much help, sorry. But I'm keen to see what you make from it.

    1. yes, those brush strokes resemble Van Gogh a lot! thanks for your tips!

  5. Ooh, these fabrics are so fun! For some reason I like the idea of the Van Gogh flowers as a fitted dress with one shoulder.

    1. You are a genius! Fitted dress with one shoulder sounds cool!

  6. Oh my these are amazing fabrics!! Something simple that will show off the VanG - a skirt or dress that has simple lines.

  7. Spectacular fabrics. The VanGogh is breathtaking. I think I would let these hang out for a spell of just looking and appreciating for a while before cutting. Then I would make a totally simple tunic length tee. If it weren't a knit I would make a jacket out of it, maybe a swing type coat to show off the print.

    You are not alone. It is only in the past year that I have taken up knit sewing. Trust me, it is addictive and satisfying. You can get great garments with small effort. They are great palate cleansers between more intense couture garments. You will love knit sewing, promise.

  8. Beautiful fabrics,thanks for sharing the details of the amazing fabric store........do we all need a trip to Vienna next year girls??
    Would the fabric on the right lend itself to either the burda pattern used on the craftsy bombshell dress course,or Susan Khalje's coutte cocktail dress pattern on her website?
    I do hope your daughter enjoys her 5th Birthdayparty and that she recovers quickly.Can't wait to see what you create........have fun!

  9. Oh, those fabrics are stunning! I guess you don't need a plan for them *right* now. I wouldn't have passed on them either since they're so unique and you don't live there so not like you can jot around the corner to pick them up when you feel the inspiration, so good call! Knits are pretty easy and satisfying. After I made my first jersey tops, I was hooked. The only special equipment you need are ball point jersey needles, a twin needle for hemming and an overlocker (although with some fine jerseys I don't finish the seams at all to avoid bulk - GASP, I know but sometimes the best finish is no finish). Best of luck with them, you'll love sewing with knits I know it. Hope your daughter enjoys her birthday party :)

  10. 2nd time round....didn't work 1st time. Love the fabric, my fav. Vouge pattern 1250 has just 2 pieces, is great for knits, with a waterfall neckline.....I live in Germany , I get my patterns from Sew Direct, a uk company, you just have to have a web membership, then all patterns are half price, plus they have sales now and then, postage is really good. It doesn't seem as if one has to renew the membership every yr...I've just paid once........

  11. i mean, if those prints aren't oona-bait i don't know what is.... they are EXQUISITE!! i love ginger's one shoulder dress idea-- and i just always see a fitted wiggle/tiki dress in prints like the one on the right...mayhaps strapless? whatever you do, i know it will stun!

    and i hope your daughter's birthday will erase any memory of the nail woes! :)

  12. Wonderful fabrics! I would not have left them there either, but I am not known for my restraint when it comes to fabric shopping in foreign places....


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