Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blog Hop-On Hop-Off

Hello to Dublin, where the lovely Inna decided to pass on the blog hopping baton to me. You have to check out her blog - not only she shares the love for couture, but also has a great eye for prints.

Now, the questions...


to connect to the sewing community, share... Of course! But blogging for me is also an educational process, when, after researching and making, you sit down and document all some bits and pieces of the process. Putting what you learned down on 'paper' helps you remember crucial techniques and, sometimes, improve them. Images are a great help too, even the least noticeable mistake becomes prominent. Having your feedback is a reward for this work. 

I am also inspired by the success of those prolific bloggers and designers who were able to turn blogging into living. It is working out for me in some ways, and now, that my life is getting back to normal after the move last year, I hope I'll be able to offer you more. Which brings me to the next question...


That's the toughest one ) All the plans and patterns, and the need to focus... An IKEA Expedit shelf full of fabrics is a major point of distraction - I need to hang some neutral textile over it!

Ok, right now I am working on a couple of new patterns. One is the skirt inspired by a very young Russian designer Eugenia Kim (image), and another (in further future) is a culottes, inspired by this Dries Van Noten piece. 

There is also one simple circle skirt in making, in navy blue silk faille that I initially purchased for a dress ) 

... I keep changing my plans actually. I am determined to focus on those three!

What I am really working on: a tailored dress for my mother (we just had a great first fitting) and another dress for a good friend of mine. I hope I can feature those two soon. 

And, finally, I am in dire need of another 'smart casual' garment for a reception this Friday... I should get on to the next question before I come up with more plans!


I got tons a few drafts saved on my blogger dashboard. But usually it starts with notes, on my iPhone or in my hardcopy Moleskin agenda (I've become addicted to soft cover Moleskin agendas), where I make notes about my measurements, paste inspiration images from magazines, or articles, sketch. I used to keep those things as paper scraps all over the place, and could never find anything when I needed it, but now it's all in one place. 

I also carry around a regular notebook, and pull it out whenever I get a few spare minutes. Then, I draft a rough outline for a future post and a few details. 

I got more ideas than I could possibly turn over, but it is probably better this way than having nothing to write about. Time is limited and, so far, I can manage a post or two a week.

In the near future, besides posting finished garments, I would like to focus more on techniques and tutorials and write more reviews. These are labour intensive posts, but they are the most rewarding ones!


I'd love to hear more from a fellow couture addict, Leisa from A Challenging Sew. We share the same mentor, Susan Khalje, and love for the hand-made wardrobe. 

Question to you, readers! Does your fabric stash distract you from focusing on projects? That's my main issue, I wish I had one or two fabrics only in my stash. On the other hand, a friend recently told me she might take/buy some of my fabrics 'cause I got too many... Oh, my precious!!! Am I turning into a Gollum?.. 


  1. My stash does not distract me. It's not a huge one but there are definitely choices. I tend to focus in on a fabric pretty easily. Deciding what to do with it is where I can get stymied. Right now I have a gorgeous cobalt-y blue purple piece of luscious wool flannel that I am aching to sew. I just can't hone in on what to make with it.

  2. Oh, no I am definitely distracted by my stash. It is the biggest distraction actually as when I have a fabric I want and go to find it in my now better organised stash, I find fabrics I love and caress them, then match them with patterns and start planning and then I find I have spent hours doing this and no time to sew. Although I do find it good to have when I need to make something immediately (mostly for someone else) or is that just to justify it?

  3. Actually, I think new fabrics distract me from sewing from my stash, which has beautiful and practical fabrics in it. I'm actually using my stash more now that I'm sewing a lot of things quickly for pregnancy - I'm so glad to have nice fabrics right there and ready to sew!

  4. I spend way too long in my stash, and not enough time sewing it all up! I struggle with matching the fabric to the just-right pattern ... so tend to just whip to the fabric shop and pick up a new piece to sew ... the joy of being a sewer ... J

  5. Yes my stash definitely does distract-I had never thought about it that way before! Why, when I have so much, piled up almost to the ceiling, do I have to go and buy more for a project? I have just done this with preparing fabric makes for my daughter's Parisian themed wedding-had lots of French fabric but there are new designs I absolutely must have!! Well I need to have it in front of me to experiment....
    Best wishes

  6. Don't it always seem to go...that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone; that's a line from a Joni Mitchell song. Sure enough, there have been a handful of times when I have willfully purged my stash, stuff that had sat and sat, distracting me like crazy. I kept all the "must keeps" and let go of those "what was I thinking?" cuts of fabric. I felt great, less burdened, ready to replenish; but then it happens; the right pattern comes along for a fabric that is long gone, rotated out, can't be gotten again. Distraction! I agree with Judith...it's all part of the joy of being a sewer.



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