Monday, September 8, 2014

Me-Made-Monday 8: a Me-Made-Long-Ago Dress

Me-Monday-Mondays help me stay focused, even if occasionally I cannot post. They help me stay focused not only on blogging, but also on making effort with dressing, rather than just pull on jeans, with yet another shirt... It's great to wear jeans occasionally, but when it is two or more days in a row I have to stop myself. Why am I sewing? Lazy dressing should be banned for sewists.   

Thanks to Rhonda of Rhonda's Creative Life for picking up the challenge last week and featuring her funnel neck T-shirt, and a tutorial. As for me,  last week I pulled this dress from my wardrobe - it is a perfect dress for a hot day. Made with silk crepe, underlined with lightweight charmeuse; chiffon overskirt and a lace overlay top, it is probably the coolest (literally) dress I have - I can wear on a hottest day and feel quite comfortable. 

The pattern is from Burdastyle, you can read more about the construction in my Burdastyle guest post. The dress was made two years ago, but I started wearing it more regularly here In Cyprus... for some reason.

Where did I wear it? I took kids to an ice-cream place on the first day of school and it was a perfect colour for an afternoon with kids :) Unfortunately, I don't have images of the place we went to, but it is a nice cafe in the old city, just at the buffer zone. While kids are playing on a relatively large playground that belongs to the cafe, parents can chill out in the shade of bougainvilleas sipping on their oh-so-popular in Cyprus frappe.

Well, back to you, readers! Here is the link up tool for this week


  1. It's so pretty and must be so lovely to wear. It gets HOT in Cyprus so this dress must be perfect. I love the little sheer triangle. Oh and I still say the Papaphilipiou brand ice-cream (the ones for the cone) is the b-e-s-t! Oh for a pistachio one now!

  2. Beautiful dress and it looks like perfect to wear in hot day. I love the deep V neck cover with the sheer triangle, so cute :)

  3. A cafe with a playground!! Genius! Love a good frappe in the summer! I live in a Greek/Cypriot neighborhood and they're quite abundant. ;)

  4. You are elegance personified Marina!!!

  5. Oh, I am very glad to have come across your version of this dress. I have had it on my list for a while now, and I have been picturing it as breezy and lightweight but dark, unlike the two pale-color versions in the magazine. Yours is beautiful.



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