Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Future of the Me-Made-Monday

At this point I am doubting the content value of Me-Made-Mondays. Since I gained weight this year, there are only a few older looser fitting pieces that I can still wear. Having made only about ten new outfits I keep rotating them in different variations.

I have to add that I am pretty much happy with what I have - I wear everything, frequently. Yet I also see that, because of this, this series is about to become a repetitive content filler on my blog and want to avoid it at any cost. With my blogiversary approaching I am now reassessing what I am blogging about, and see that there is a need for changes.

Without completely giving up on this project, I thought I'd rather focus on on new makes and feature them in a regular monthly overview. A summary post with a few images and links to in-detail posts, tutorials and pattern reviews. A month is not only enough to make something, but also to wear it, once or twice... And, who knows, maybe it will make it easier to readers to search for or to catch up on specific project related posts...

Maybe we could even do it together again and feature links to your makes and your reviews. What do you think? 

P.S. Thank you so much for your comments on the silk blouse!  A sample for the step-by-step tutorial you asked for is almost finished!  I will also try to answer your questions as soon as possible) It actually reminded me why I am blogging in the first place. 

And for those who have a link to share, here is the last Me-Made-Monday linky party


  1. Great idea, Marina. I look forward to any construction/style posts that you will do. I also find that I now have less clothes (purging) but wear them all now. That's a nice feeling to see a neater, emptier closet but actually have more clothes to wear!

  2. I was looking forward to a year of MMMondays with you, but I completely understand. Would you mind if I continue and post a link party on my blog?

    1. Rhonda, I'd be happy if you do! I will be adding my links to your collection. If you want access to the link-up tool (it is easy to share I think) let me know, I'll give you the info.

    2. Hi there Marina, you have cheered me up no end. I make few items each year, as time and budget allows, and so I find it impossible at the moment to join in MMM's. I have learned from you over the years and am just finishing off my high waisted skirt; a Burda pattern but it has interesting shaped welt pockets in it...................I used the couture faced technique that you showcased years back and love that.I also looked at the extra information you gave on the Burda site about the construction of your high waisted skirt. Couldn't have produced by hand worked silk buttonholes without you pointing us in the right direction. Still can't do them like Jeffrey D thought, but your postings made me keep on trying and I was happy with the result on the chanel style jacket I made. All of this because I was encouraged by you and your blog.
      Learning more skills and techniques would be amazing and it is lovely to see someone who shares her high standards as does Bunny and Rhonda too.

      I too have put some weight on, and so I still have a cream linen dress that I made whilst in Turkey that I have yet to wear.............You still look fabulous in everything you make and wear Marina.

  3. I really liked your Me-Made-Mondays, but I completely understand what you are saying here... And if you feel there is need for change, because your heart is no longer fully in it, than you should do just that! I think what you propose for the new posts is a great idea, I'm looking forward to reading them!

  4. I enjoy Me-Made-Monday but I understand your need for a change. You could also feature an outfit and how to style it differently to get different looks for an outfit.



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