Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crossover Pleat Skirt Draft-Along 8: Tracing Front Pieces

To complete our draft-along, here is the final part - tracing the front pieces. When I posted the previous post - tracing back pieces - my husband thought it was too complicated... So I thought I will try to make it easier for you and show it step-by-step.  Judging by the amount of comments here I can only guess what reaction I have caused by these posts. Please tell me honestly if this was too much!

1. Trace the center front piece (red outline)

2. Trace side front piece (cut two as mirror image)

3. For the pleat pattern, first trace pleat depth pieces (yellow and orange outline)

4. Trace the pleat itself (purple outline)

Join traced pleat depth pieces with the pleat piece matching outside foldlines.

You should end up with 5 front pattern pieces. Notches below indicate how the pieces are connected to each other.

For the waist band, you can cut a rectangle to match the waist measure, incl. 2 cm ease. Allow for seams and the closure.

The closure on the original skirt is in the side seam. However, you can also place the zipper at center back.

I hope this draft-along was not too complicated. I would be happy to answer your questions here or on the dedicated thread on Couture Collective. And, please, do leave your feedback on this draft-along. What was done well?.. what could be improved?.. I really need your constructive input as I would like to offer more of this, also as a teacher. Thanks for following!


  1. I have followed the posts but haven't yet had the chance to try out. It is quite complicated when just reading - I'm sure it will be clearer when actually carrying out in practice.

  2. Hi, I'm not part of the draft-along but I tried it and it worked out well! It was a bit complicated figuring out where everything went, but I looked back at the original pattern and then it made sense. I think it's great you're teaching people to do this.

  3. Hi I love drafting patterns and sewing. I have drafted many patterns for myself which I have also blogged on my personal blog. I could not follow along but I am interested to draft seeing all the posts now. Is there a summary post which summarizes everything with links? I am not a advanced drafter and these do look complex for my experience . But I am sure to try it :)

  4. just followed this and it certainly took some thought and some head scratching but I'm excited to sew it all together now. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this tutorial. I would consider myself a fairly experience pattern cutter but this challenged me at times.



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