Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New post on my new blog: 30s evening dress

Thanks for visiting my new blog and subscribing to the feed. It is so reassuring to see how many of you remained loyal to Frabjous Couture and continue reading my posts despite patchy posting :)

My newest post there is about a beautiful evening dress from 30s, which I found in the archives of the Nicosia's Leventis Museum where I volunteer. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

As a little sneak peak a detail of the front:

Monday, September 21, 2015

See you on my new blog!

Do you sometimes get a feeling that things that surround you get boring and you feel the urge to rearrange everything, have a fresh start. This is how I feel now.

My blog has evolved in the past years and I feel that through this (though positive) development it is an utter shambles. I learned so much and kept adding categories, while at the same time didn't manage to reflect the presence on other social media platforms where I am quite active as well. The same concerns the title of the blog and the overall design.

That's why I decided to start from the scratch. I now have a new blog, new design, new address and a new everything. I want it to become a cozy place where you can easily find posts, tutorials, reviews, my favorite CoutureGRAM series and more - I hope this is what it will become :)

The name of my new blog is Couture Squared, as in math (me being math aficionado) or a square standing for a place to exchange ideas and knowledge.

The new blog has been soft-launched yesterday, that is there is still some work on the buttons, links and so on. You can however, already follow it on Bloglovin and update your blog feed.

I will be migrating a lot of content (not all) in the next few months. You can bookmark the old blog to keep it as a reference as I am not planning to delete in the near future. If I will then, I will give you enough time to save any content you want to have access to.

Meanwhile I already posted there the first new post on the new Winter Coat Sew-Along hosted by the German Me-Made-Mittwoch community. Please visit my new home and comment!

Thanks to everyone for your loyalty and support,
Lots of hugs from Cyprus


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