Couture Resources

Books on couture sewing techniques:
Couture tailoring:
My favorite patternmaking books:
Draping Literature:
Fitting books:

More couture and custom sewing:


  1. Love the Couture Techniques book by Susan. Have another book on my Christmas list, also covering Couture, but can't remember at the moment which one it is!!

  2. I notice you live in New York. Do you have any great resources their for couture sewing supplies? I'm having to order things like silk organza, basting threads and the wax tracing paper Susan mentions in her Craftsy workshop. I would love to find a one stop shopping when ordering online.

    Love your blog. I just may have to follow! Found you on Pinterest by the way.

    Happy Sewing,

    1. Ramona, it will be difficult to get everything in one place. While you can get silk organza online from many stores, it will be challenging to get wax paper online. Silk basting thread can be found on eBay: look for Belding Corticelli - those are great for basting - the color doesn't make much difference, as long as you can see it, and it's cheaper than the Japanese silk basting thread (where you pay about $5 to $6 per 80 m). - you can get the latter from several suppliers, just google it.

    2. and, check Susan's store - she has good quality organza!

  3. Susan might have said it in the class, but wax tracing paper is available from Richard the Thread online:

  4. Thank you Susan, I have been looking everywhere for wax tracing paper. It's very difficult to source.
    Kind regards,

  5. How did you find the 3rd book from Pattern Magic? Since it's all knit fabrics I found it very... naw... I don't know. But - did you see the books Drape Drape 1, 2 and 3??? Love those! :)

  6. great resources, thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Love this page! I will follow religiously! :)

  7. Thank you so much for your list of resources. I was excited to see that I have 5 of the resources and there are 3 or 4 more on my wish list. I can't wait, to get a draping book. I would like to also add that the wax laper you can get from Richard the Thread, if you call you can order a smaller quanity than the webcite states. They are wonderful to work with. I took a class with Susan Khalji, she is wonderful.

  8. The beading on the dress is beautifully and detailed. The material is smooth and of high quality. It has "weight" to it. I cannot believe the deal I got!
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